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Persona 4 Arena + Rainbow

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The first part of the cloud tutorial is finally here :D You can view the full version on my dA. Part 2 will be posted after I get back from SacAnime.

Here’s the free download to the Photoshop brushes.

I hope this will be helpful to you guys! Have fun painting!



-Full view of sample cloud paintings

-Gif of the tutorial work progress (best viewd in Firefox)

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but how exactly hot is hot as balls?


we need proof

who here has balls and a thermometer

I have both balls and a thermometer and I can say that my balls are right at 94 Fahrenheit

you have done science a great favor son




okay so coral blue number 5 semi gloss lipstick



i want it and i don’t even wear lipstick

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honestly why are all these marauder’s era edits portraying them styled like they’re from the 50’s teddy boy era or something

really if they wore muggle clothes it’d be more like


You can tell who would wear what.

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This is a shirt being worn by one of our editors at Adult Swim, Phil. It was created about a decade ago for Adult Swim employees only. It has been misconstrued as being “anti anime,” by some people. Here’s the story: back in the early days of’s message boards, there was a vocal minority of posters who passionately hated Adult Swim’s action block, which consisted of several anime shows (some of which were initially slated for Toonami). Our bump writers pulled the phrase “cuz anime is the s uck” from a poster complaining about anime on Adult Swim and ran it as a bump. We chose to make it a t-shirt as a comment on the illiteracy of L33T speak, and internet trolling in general. We wore the shirts as a badge of honor- WE LOVE ANIME, and always will. Adult Swim has been on the air since 2001, and we’ve had a commitment to anime that entire time. We still do. Cus anime is the s uck. ;)


*me coming down stairs*


mom: now that you’re awake, can you clean th-